The organisation of the online materials

General remarks

The collection of the educational impulses has been created as a means to complete the textbook named Zahlenbuch (“counting book”). The musical impulses are always based on concrete calculation situations in the corresponding Zahlenbuch. However, most of the impulses can be adapted sensibly to other textbooks and, with a little bit of imagination, even to other levels of education. Experience has so far shown that teachers can easily adapt many ideas to the individual level they are teaching and successfully integrate them.

T he topics and impulses originate from volume 1 of “Mathe macht Musik”. The discussion forum and the idea database, however, also allow for the involvement of other levels of education.

Every topic starts with an introductory page with which the subject is presented, followed by the pages with practical suggestions, the so-called impulses.


Introductory pages to the topics


Online materials

Discussion forum

Idea database

Introduction to working with the online materials

The different topics cover several contents of mathematical education. For the time being, these topics are strongly oriented on the curriculum of the primary level. However, in several topics it becomes evident that there are also many possibilities for the following years of education.

Every topic has an introductory page and at least one impulse that can be tried hands-on in class. Several pages (for example topic 8) offer further materials or discussions are currently in progress.

You are more than welcome to contribute your ideas.

You can discuss ideas with us : on the idea database, you choose the current topic of discussion and let us know your opinion.

You can bring up your own ideas for discussion : on the idea database, you choose “new subject” in the upper left-hand corner, tick on the corresponding topic or on “miscellaneous” and let us know about your input.

You can add your ideas as an attachment to your contribution : we will have a look at such contributions and then gladly make them available to all users on the corresponding page to the topic.

Form for entering a new impulse

Our objective is to set up a successfully operating discussion forum. Please join in!