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Music by Maths

We came up with "Music by Maths" by watching the children. On this site, we offer you several impulses concerning different topics as regards mathematics in the first school years.

With this website, the Education department of the University of Applied Sciences Aargau has created a forum for discussion and for exchanging ideas. We are looking forward to receiving your and your children’s inputs. Together, we will learn more about the magic world of children’s learning methods and will have the opportunity to exchange corresponding learning experiences among teachers.

Maths by Music ?

Working practically with several classes has shown that the basic connections between mathematics and music greatly enhance the experience- and discovery-oriented, playful learning and teaching.You want to know more?

Your contribution!

We are creating a platform for the scentific exchange as regards "Music by Maths" . You are more than welcome to contribute your ideas! There are many possibilities to do so:...more

Volume 2 and 3 are finished now. Unfortunatly there is still no english translation on the market ...more.


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Many a surprising discovery can be made when working with music in mathematics. Since to this day no systematic research has been conducted as regards the effects of working with music as a learning medium, we are now asking for your help. …more

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