Cash check: Directives for primary level 2

Impulse for third and fourth grade, class divided in two parts of advantage
Material: Coins of three different sizes and values
Duration: 10 to 20 minutes
1. The children are sitting around a table or in a circle on the floor with their backs to the center of the circle and their eyes closed.

2. The teacher drops first the larger coin onto the table or the floor, then the middle-sized coin and then the smallest coin and proceeds to cover them up with a cloth.
3. The children draw or write down what they have heard. In the discussion that then follows, they give reasons for their assumptions and compare them with the coins on the table or the floor.
4. The teacher drops several coins. They are not dropped in any order, however, they have to fall successively onto the table or the floor.
Example: largest / smallest / smallest / largest / middle-sized coin
On the blackboard, the children note the sum they assume to be covered up by the cloth. The coins are dropped again so that the children can double-check their result before they are being discussed and reasoned (if -> then).
5. The children then note down their own calculations, possibly also with other coins that they wish to show to their class mates.

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